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21st keys

Pacific Carving House.com is the only website of its kind in the world that can bring you an outstanding range of quality hand carved products, custom made carvings for a fantastic price and the new generation of Mixed Cultures. Whether you are looking for a gift with a little piece of New Zealand or Samoa, we specialise in blending Maori, Samoan, Cook Island and many other Pacific Island designs.



 Every Carving is Hand Carved and Unique.  


  • We work with you to create what you want
  • We carve designs blending the mixed culture designs together Eg. Maori, Samoan and Irish. 
  • If you can draw your own design, we can put it onto a carving for you.
  • We have 4 payment methods. 
  • We carve frames straight off your dimensions
  • Urgent orders can be taken (subject to carvers availability).
  • Carvings are completed within 2-3 weeks of order 



Emma Hepehi   Mob:  0439934740
                           Ph:   07 33446180Ph: 07 33446180   07 3344 
Lalo Hepehi        Mob  0478659680
Email: info@pacificcarvinghouse.com

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