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Pacific Carving House
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About Us

 Carvers -

Raymond Hepehi born in Rawene and brought up in Utukura up North.  Son of Te Wano Hepehi and Hepi Baker. Eldest with 5 sisters. Married Matalima Lautoa from Saanapu, Upolu Western Samoa. Had 6 children. Self-taught carver. Carving experience over 30 years. Lived in Papakura for over 24 years.  Moved to Sydney 1992 and then ived in Saanapu Tai, Western Samoan for 10 years. Moved to Brisbane 2006. Previously lived in Ipswich from 2006-2013.Now living in Runcorn  from January 2014.


 Lucky Ropiha born in Rotorua. Taught by Master Carvers Mina Mitai and Tony Kapua. Moved from Western Heights, Rotorua to Brisbane 2012. Now living in Rochedale. 


 Emma Hepehi -GM Runcorn, Brisbane. Ph: 0439 934 740        

Lalo Lautoa - Admin Mt Gravatt, Brisbane. Ph: 0478 659 680 


 Raymond Hepehi Junior born in Papakura and lived in Papakura for 24 years. Son to Rayond Hepehi Senior. Father to Shannon Hydes. Moved to Sydney 1996.Moved to Brisbane 2007. Now living in Runcorn June 2014. 

 Home Office :480 Beenleigh Road, Sunnybank Qld 4109