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Pacific Carving House
New orders will be accepted via email or website. Ph:0439934740 info@pacificcarvinghouse.com
                     Frequently Asked Questons



  How do I order?

You can purchase from our website or you can send us an email or message on Facebook with the following details-
  • Your name and contact phone number and address if delivery required.
  • Product code or description of the key you would like to order
  • Name you would like carved on to the key                                                                .
  • Details of any changes you would like.
  • Due date that you would like carving to be delivered/collected.

A quote and a list of fonts will be sent in the reply.

Do you do customised design carvings? What do I do if I have my own design?

Please send through the details as above and attach your sketch. Please also advise what size you would like the piece to be.

Can I change details on the carving that I would like to order and is there a cost to make changes?

Yes, absolutely. 1-2 changes can be made. Eg Replace the fern with a football or Hibiscus flower. If there are 1-2 changes, there is no charge. If there are more changes, there will be a charge.It is common for customers to request 1-2 changes but we have had customers requesting 6-8 changes which can be done at a cost.

How much notice do I have to give to order a carving?

1-2 weeks is great. The more time you give us the better.Sometimes our workload is full and we may not be able to have it done in time especially if you live outside of Qld. Some carvings can take a few days whereas others can take 2 weeks. Don't risk being disappointed by leaving your order to the last minute.

Do you do urgent orders?

Yes, we can. It depends on which carving you would like and where you are located. We can check our schedule and make a decision based on that information. We will do everything we can to get your order to you as long as the quality of the carving is not undermined.

How long does it take to get a carving done?

1-2 weeks if you live in Brisbane. 2-3 weeks if you live outside of Brisbane.  We have carvings available now and it would take 1 day to carve the name on them to be ready to collect or post. 1 business day to NSW, VIC, QLD. 2-3 business days to NT,ACT and WA. 5-10 business days to NZ and USA.

How do I pay for my order?

We have 4 payment options.

1. 50% Direct deposit to bank account, final payment required on completion.

2. $120.00 deposit with 3 regular payments, final payment required on completion.

3. Purchase and pay online through our secure Paypal system which accepts all major cred and debit cards.

4. Cash accepted on our premises.

 What kind of wood do you use? MDF

What cultural designs can your carvers do?
We are Maori and Samoan so these are the designs that we do. However, there are a lot of mixes with the cultures and we have been given designs and educated by our customers from all parts of the Pacific. We have done Cook Island, Aboriginal, Torres Strait, PNG ,Fijian, Niuean , Rotuman, Kiribati patterns.
We have also added in touches to represent Celtic, Australian, Italian, Maltese, Greek, Lebanon, India and USA designs. We have worked with our customers to get the design to look the way that is meaningful and relevant to their culture.