Pacific Carving House
Ph : 0439 934 740

  How do we make an order?

You can follow the prompts online and order from our website or phone us on 0439934740.
Email us at
How can I get a quote for a customised carving?
Please contact us directly by phone or email. Take note of any design that you like. Once we have all the information we need for your carving, ie design, size, names etc we can forward your quote to you within 24 hrs. All carving order require a 50% deposit before any work is commenced unless you are a previous customer.
Can I replace a design with another design. Eg Replace the fern with a football or Hibiscus flower.  Is there a cost?  If there are 1-2 changes, there is no charge. If there are more changes, there will be a charge depending on the request.It is common for customers to request 1-2 changes but we have had customers requesting 6-8 design replacements which can be done at a cost.
How long does it take?Depending on the carving.  If we have the carving that you want in stock, then it would take a day to carve the name on to it and for the paint to dry. If we have to carve it new then it can take anything from a few days to a few weeks. We notify all our customers of a time frame for their carving to be completed. As we use Australia Post for the majority of our deliveries please check out their website to see the delivery timeframes in your area and/or contact us if you have any further questions.
How much notice do I have to give to order a carving? The more time you give us the better. Then we can go over your design with you and any other questions you may have. Some carvings can take a few days whereas others can take a few weeks. Don’t risk being disappointed by leaving your order to the last minute.
In saying that, don’t panic if you do need something as soon as possible or have limited time to get something carved, please contact us directly. We can check what orders we have in what time frame and we can make a decision based on that information. We will do everything we can to get your order to you as long as the quality of the carving is not undermined.
How do I pay for my order? An invoice can be emailled with your order details and you can pay online through our secure Paypal system which accepts all major credit cards as well as debit cards. Payment can also be made by Internet transfer.  Bank details are sent with enquiry reply email. We also accept money orders, pay anyone, direct deposit and if you live locally we do accept cash. Unfortunately we do not accept personal cheques under any circumstances.

 What kind of wood do you use? To pass on the savings to our customers we mainly use paper wood which is recycled pine that has been compressed. We do carve on other wood but please note this would push prices significantly higher. Contact us directly if you have any questions.

What cultural designs can your carvers do? Both of our carvers are Maori so most of the artwork produced is predominately Maori based.Ray Hepehi married Matalima Lautoa who was Samoan.  He also spent 10 years in Samoa and has been asked to carve Samoan designs as well as Fijian, Niuean, Cook Island , Celtic and when requested Aboriginal. Also, carving blended cultures is a popular request.
If we have something different that we want carved, are you able to carve it for us?
A lot of our customers have their own ideas of what they want carved. They might not have the exact design, but quite often we have people contacting us to carve something different like kitchen cupboards, mirrors, birthday gifts, family tree frames etc..
We are open to new ideas, contact us if you want something that you can’t find on the market